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Damp Hair‘ is a concept, not talked much in the hair care industry, irrespective of its utter importance. Today, in this blog post we will share everything about the importance of dampness of your hair, along with some basic science to support it. 

Basic facts about our hair

Our hair are dead, only scalp is active’. Believe it or not, but to improve hair in the long run, work on your scalp so that growing hair will be of superior quality. The flowing hair, the strands are basically dead. This means, while your scalp can produce oil, your hair can’t do anything. Oily hair is a result of absorption of excess scalp oil by hair lengths.

The above facts point towards the concept which shows that your hair produces oil, and not water. It might ‘moisturise’ your hair, doesn’t hydrate them though. This leads to dehydrated, dry or frizzy hair. Hence, we have to provide water content additionally to our dead hair.

Lets Talk Some Science

Water evaporates on its own due to the heat in the environment. Thus, if you apply water on your hair, they gets dried naturally in a matter of few minutes. But, oil forms a layer on the water. This way, water will be trapped inside and won’t be able to evaporate. Thereafter, providing moisture to your hair, that it requires.

Application of damp hair or dampness in hair

Coming to the above logic, no matter if you have oily or dry hair, your hair stills needs some hydration. Hence, spray a generous amount of hydrosol on your hair and lock the hydration by application of hair oil. The hydrosol which will not be able to evaporate, will be absorbed by the hair scalp. Hence, the hair follicles and the new hair strands will be both hydrated and moisturised. Similarly, apply an oil-based hair serum on your damp hair to ensure that they remain hydrated.

Why choose hydrosol to damp

As you just read above- scalp is alive, scalp health decides quality of hair, and the hydrating content will be absorbed by scalp.

Importance of Damp hair | Organic Hydrosol | Blogs | Weeblends
  • Now, you can definitely use tap water but tap water might have salt, chlorine, etc which effects scalp health and hence, growing hair. Hence, steam distilled water is only preferred.
  • Water will provide only hydration, but steam distilled water of any ingredient will infuse the scalp with the benefits of that ingredient. For example- curry leaf hydrosol when absorbed by scalp will provide hydration and benefits of curry leaves also to the hair.
  • Choose the hydrosol for your hair based on which concern you want to work on, besides hydration. Hydrosols work very slowly on the scalp, but in the long run, will prove beneficial. Be patient.
  • You can choose separate hydrosol for scalp and hair lengths on the basis of your choice, ranging from benefits to price.

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